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Yellow Smiley offers me X , Like he's drinking seven up
But all I've got is two cigarettes, And this broken heart of mine
Every purple mutha need 2 look His way. The funk is here 2 stay
That skinny **** with the high voice?
I'll work that body so hard, U'll wish all U had was an achin' head
Wanted: Any woman who's first name begins with a 'Z'
Your love is driving me... you're driving me insane
Would U let me wash your hair? Could I make U breakfast sometime?
Ooh-we-sha-sha-coo-coo-yeah. All the hippies sing together
Lately trouble winds r blowin' hard, and I don't know if I can last
The bed's on fire, Your fate is sealed, And you're so tired. And the reason is Camille-mille
Educate, tolerate, negotiate, communicate Litigate, graduate, appreciate, separate Interrogate, violate, fluctuate, perpetrate Masturbate, stimulate, stimulate, stimulate...
Super-fine heifer (super fine), I saw u in the Vogue
I don't care 4 1 night stands With trolley cars That juggle 17
You are my hero; you are my future, when I am with you I have no past.
From the heart of Minnesota, Here come the purple Yoda
Don't need no cymbals, no saxophone, I just need 2 find me a style of my own
I clocked the jizz from a friend Of yours named Vanessa Bet
Be cool Rover. Don't bite nobody ... ha ha ha ha ha!
Hear Duke Ellington and his band kick another jungle jam

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