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Forced Order
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dignitas, dignitatis
devinco, -ere
disciplina, disciplinae
devoveo, -ere
diruo, -ere
detrecto, -are
dignitas, dignitatis
detraho, -ere
dicio, dicionis
dextra, dextrae
deus, dei
discedo, -ere
dissero, -ere
desisto, -ere
discrimen, discriminis
dirus, -a, -um
differo, -ere
destino, -are
dimitto, -ere
deveho, -ere
dictum, dicti
dexter, -a, -um
dimidius, -a, -um
dies, diei
desino, -ere
difficilis, -e
discurro, -ere
disceptatio, desceptationis
difficultas, difficultatis
disco, -ere
dissimilis, -e
destituo, -ere
desidero, -are
dispono, -ere
dico, -ere
dispero, -are
discordia, discordiae
dignus, -a, -um
dilectus, dilectus
dictatura, dictaturae
dilabor, -i
dissimulo, -are
diligens, -tis
dictator, dictatoris
discepto, -are
deterreo, -ere
desum, -esse
diripio, -ere

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