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Can you name the Bond Girls by their description?

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Forced Order
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She should be put in a cage
Looks like their are going down together...
Named after her father, perhaps?
Wasn't she a blonde when we came in?
Vassar Graduate
Cuban dressed in white
It really is death for breakfast
Massages with furred gloves
Watches Sumo with a Third Eye
You must be dreaming...
Lottery winner teacher? Not seriously
A little crispy on the back
Helps you spend time in Rio
Owes much to bulletproof vests
He wasn't 'right back' for her
Rides a bike to work
Jamaican Government Employee
Suicide in the line of duty
Her military father liked marine creatures
Not Austrian, but from Liverpool
Nice Job!
The next girl
She's the money
The pleasure was never hers
Golden Girl
Black-widow murderer
Rejected Ballerina
Subdues horses, hurls KGB's...
Iguanas are this girls' best friends
Island dinners in bikini
Drives Toyota
She doesn't speak 'Spy'
Likes to play solitaire
If you want to lear Dutch
Ice Cube Fetish
Annoyingly loud geologist
The Inverted Queen of Cups
Bacardi on the Rocks
What's the point in living, if she can't feel alive?
Crossbow Markswoman
Phony Bride
Dislikes bowler hats
If you are tender, she'll sign your prescription
Plays with Rottwilers
Piranna Meal
Horse-rear-end for insult
Spoiled honey-moon

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