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Which European country...Answer
Contains the most letters?
Shares a border with South America?
Is the biggest country that is entirely in Europe?
Has an oversea department which is larger than the country itself?
Has the most European borders along with Russia?
Has the largest amount of volcanoes in Europe?
Contains the city Brno?
Shares the longest border in Europe with Sweden?
Is an island and begins with the letter M?
Is landlocked between France and Spain?
Has blue, white and black as main colours on their flag?
Has Confoederatio Helvetica as it's official name?
Contains the break away territory Transnistria?
Shares a border with Ukraine and Croatia?
Has a capital city beginning with Z?
Is the country, other than Poland, that borders Kaliningrad
Has a dolphin as it's national animal?
Has the famous landmark, the Colosseum?
Is the home of the furniture store IKEA?
Gained independence from Serbia in 2008?
Was the first to legalise same sex marriage?
Is the smallest country in the world?
Has its capital city contain the letter J twice?
Contains the city Li├Ęge?
Which European country...Answer
Speaks the same language as Brazil?
Has Bucharest as it's capital city?
Contains the letters NTE? (In that order)
Has Sofia as it's capital city?
Use Pound Sterling as their currency?
Is landlocked in Northern Italy?
Is landlocked between Austria and Switzerland?
Hosted the 1952 Summer Olympics?
Has Belgrade as their capital city?
Only has France as a bordering country?
Contains the letters ATV? (In that order)
Has a border with Germany and Russia?
Still uses the death penalty as a punishment?
Shares a border with Africa?
Starts and ends with the same letter but borders Greece?
Borders the United Kingdom?
Has a capital city the same name as the country and borders more than one country?
Has a yellow sun on a red background for its flag?
Has the outline of it's island on their flag?
Has a crescent and star on its flag?
Has the highest population of European countries?
Starts and ends with the same letter but borders Switzerland?
Has the only capital city that borders two countries?

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