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Most common tiger, lives on Indian subcontinentPanthera
This tiger inhabits northeast Asia (Siberia, China, Korea)Panthera
Most endangered tiger, thought to be 'functionally extinct', inhabits southeast ChinaPanthera
This tiger lives only on the island of SumatraPanthera
This tiger lives only on the Malay peninsulaPanthera
The range of this tiger includes Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and ThailandPanthera
This lion has a larger mane and their range is from the Sahara to South AfricaPanthera
Lion species with smaller mane, few hundred exist in IndiaPanthera
Only true American panther, can be found in the rainforest and coat can be blackPanthera
Native to Sub-Saharan Africa, coat color can range from black to pale yellowPanthera
Extremely rare leopard, lives in northeast AsiaPanthera
Lives in large central Asian mountain ranges, heriage animal of Afghanistan and PakistanPanthera
Can hang on tree branches with hind paws, lives in southeast AsiaNeofelis
Cloud-shaped spots, classified as seperate species in 2006Neofelis
Large canine teeth, southeast Asia, size of domestic catPardofelis
Exclusive to Boreano, reddish fur, Catopuma
East Asia, white and black lines along the face, golden brown furCatopuma
Africa and the Middle East, lynx-like characteristics, reddish brown furCaracal
Lives in eastern and central Africa, reddish brown fur with spots, resembles Asian counterpartCaracal
Sub-Saharan Africa, large ears, spottedCaracal
Lives in the Pantanal wetlands, dark yellow fur with spotsLeopardus
South American, small but built, reddish or dark grey, spots and stripesLeopardus
Lives in southern South America, brownish fur with numerous black spotsLeopardus
Smallest cat in the Americas, lives in Chile, dark spots and think ringed tail Leopardus
South American, yellowish fur with black rosettesLeopardus
Lives in the Andes mountains, ringed tailLeopardus
Western South America, long greyish furLeopardus
Found in the Caribbean, South America, and even Texas, large spots and stripes, also known as a 'dwarf leopard' Leopardus
South American, golden brown fur, thick fur, ringed tailLeopardus
South and Central America, large eyes, small rosettesLeopardus
Lives in Canada and northern US, silvery brown fur, tuffed earsLynx
Ranges from central Europe to far east Russia, reddish brown coat with spots, tuffed earsLynx
Lynx that inhabits desert areas of Spain and Portugal, most endangered lynx Lynx
Inhabits most of North America, short tail, tuffed ears, dark spotsLynx
Largest North American cat, short brownish coatPuma
Isolated population around the EvergladesPuma
Central and South America, short, round ears, two season-based color phasesPuma
Subspecies range from southern Africa to India, fastest land mammalAcinonyx
Lives throughout south Asia, small cat, distinct stripes on face, spotted, named after a big catPrionailurus
Lives only on the island of Iriomote, light brown or grey furPrionailurus
Lives on the Malay Peninsula, known for depressed skullPrionailurus
Exclusive to India and Sri Lanka, dark stripes on head, spottedPrionailurus
Lives in the wetland and near bodies of water in south Asia, anglerPrionailurus
Inhabits central Asia, long grey furOtocolobus
Lives throghout south Asia, sandy coat, long legsFelis
Flat, wide head, Sahara and Middle East, light coat, small catFelis
Smallest African cat, ironic name, underside and pads are black, spottedFelis
Scattered across Europe, similar to domestic catFelis
Light sandy coat, ancestor of domestic catFelis
Black-tipped ears, sandy coatFelis

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