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Holds the most lifetime hits 
Only pitcher to throw back-to-back no-hitters 
Led the Majors the most consecutive times in homers 
Holds the most consecutive wins (spanned over 2 seasons) 
Led one team the most consecutive times in any single category 
Current team in Boston 
Robinson played for them for 23 years 
The Philadelphia Athletics relocated to here before reaching Oakland  
Former Milwaukee Brewers team name 
Louisville team from 1882-1899 
Hall of Fame
Inducted its first players in this year 
Had the highest voting percentage at 98.84% 
Players are inducted through the Writers or... 
Jackie Robinson and this pitcher were the first 'first ballot' inudctees in 1962 
First to be inducted as a pioneer 
World Series
Team with the most World Series Titles 
In 1960, he hit the first walk-off home run to end the Series 
First team, along with the Pittsburgh Pirates, to play in the World Series 
First team to win 3 World Series titles 
Alongside Paul Molitor, has highest WS batting average (min 50 at-bats) 
First to hit 500 homers 
First to strikeout 3000 batters 
First to win a second Triple Crown 
First to win 300 games 
This player, mostly a Yankee, is one of three to play 1000 games in each league 
Historic Events
On 9-6-1995, he broke Gehrig's consecutive game streak 
This player's 56-game hitting streak ended on 7-16-1941 
Kerry Wood fanned 20 players from this team in 1998 
Harvey Haddix retired this many batters perfectly in 1959 
Hank Aaron hit his 715th homer against this pitcher 

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