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Can you name the LOTR Factions given their home country?

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Home TerritoryFactionClue
Dunland'Wild' race neighboring Rohan
DunharrowTraitors of Isildur who later aid Aragorn
Various; Prominently MordorPrimary minion antagonists
IthilienCamouflaged archers of Gondor led by Faramir
Misty MountainsFlying allies of good, particularly Gandalf
UmbarSeafaring men who never reached The Battle of the Pelennor Fields
Erebor, Blue Mountains, MoriaRace
Mirkwood and LorienRace
Fangorn ForestMystical tree-like creatures
Home TerritoryFactionClue
Various; Previously Numenor*Nobler race of men such as Isildur and Aragorn
HaradWicked men loyal to Sauron
The ShireRace
RhunWicked men loyal to Sauron
KhandTrollish group of the far east loyal to Sauron
Various; Primarily Mordor and IsengardLarger minions; bred mostly by Saruman in the films
VariousLesser Valar like Gandalf, Saruman, and Sauron
Various; Prominently Minas MorgulSauron's cloaked servants

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