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Can you name the The answers to these items fit for a king?

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Elvis Presley is generally given this title
Wrestling tournament held from 1985-2002 by WWE
English rock band co-founded in 1969 by guitarist Robert Fripp
Paul Westphal is the current head coach of this NBA team (include city)
Their album 'Only by the Night' reached platinum
Christmas carol about men who brought gifts when Jesus was born
The Lionheart
Michael Jackson is generally given this title
TV show about an IPS delivery man in New York
Civil rights activist who wrote 'I Have a Dream' speech
A place where you can Have It Your Way
Tropical atoll in North Pacific Ocean
Shakespeare tragedy
Early English-translated Bible finished around 1611
Wielded Excalibur
Animated show created by Mike Judge
Very dangerous job; followed on a show in Discovery channel
Academy Award winner for his portrayal of Gandhi
Poor Humpty couldn't be put back together again by these
Cut many wives heads off

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