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1620First governing document of what is to be the U.S.A.
1765Forces colonists to house and feed British troops; inspiration for the Third Amendment
1773Radical protest of British tax on tea
1775Actually took place on Breed's Hill; 'don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes'
1776Thomas Paine's pamphlet that helped spark a revolution
1777Battle location considered to be the 'turning point' of the Revolutionary War
1778South Carolina is the first state to ratify this original supreme, governing document
1787First state to ratify the Constitution
1789George Washington becomes the first
1811-1813A member of Congress who favored war with UK was called this; led by Henry Clay
1814-1815Though the War of 1812 was over, the British still attacked New Orleans, defended by this general
1820Agreement that allows Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state and Maine as a free state
1840-1860Network of paths/havens to get slaves to the North or Canada
1848Ends the Mexican-American War
1849-1855Huge migration of people to the west in hopes of uncovering a certain glittery metal
1854Commodore Matthew Perry got this nation to 'open' to the West
1860First state to secede from the Union
1863Issued by Abe Lincoln; ordered Confederate states to free their slaves
1865Ratification of this finally calls an end to slavery
1867Andrew Johnson was the first president to have this charge; missed office removal by one vote
1897Explosion of this ship in a Cuban harbor encourages a call for war on Spain
1898Nickname for Spanish-American War cavalry led by Teddy Roosevelt
1901After Mckinley's assassination, he became the youngest person ever to hold office
1914Completion of this allows easy travel from Atlantic to Pacific Ocean
1917Publication of this pushes U.S. into World War I; promised Mexico land if it helped Germany
1919Established in Treaty of Versailles; precursor to the United Nations
1920-1933Period where production, purchase, and transportation of alcohol was banned
1927Pilot who flies the first transatlantic solo flight
1929Crashed on a Tuesday; helped cause Great Depression
1933-1937Programs enacted by Franklin Roosevelt to help struggling Americans of the Depression
1941Japanese attack on this Hawaiian port enters the U.S. in World War II
1944D-Day landings occur here (give region)
1954Supreme Court case ending public school segregation; overturns Plessy v. Ferguson
1959Admitted as the 50th state
1962Soviet Union removes missiles from this country
1965-1968Name for Lyndon Johnson's domestic policies
1966Supreme Court case which helped establish the right to remain silent
1969This original North Vietnamese dictator dies
1972Scandal involving Richard Nixon and Democratic Party break-ins
1975The fall of this city means North Vietnam has reunited the nation under Communism
1981Supreme Court receives this woman as its first member
1986An international affair leaks out concerning this rebel Nicaraguan group
1989This dividing line begins to 'fall', helping mark the end of the Cold War
1995City where terrorists bombed a federal building
1997Bill Clinton stops federal funds toward this scientific process
1999Largest high school massacre occurs at this Littleton, Colorado school
2001Landmark NY buildings destroyed in the September 11th terrorist attacks
2003U.S. forces begin occupying this Middle East nation
2005This disaster brings devastation to New Orleans
2008First African American president

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