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Hits the only World Series Game Seven walk-off home run 1960
Only player to win MVP award in both leagues1961; 1966
Washington Senators franchise relocates as this team1961
One of two AL expansion teams; joins Giants and Dodgers on the west coast1961
Breaks Ruth's single-season home run record1961
First post-20th Century player to steal 100 bases in a season; propels him to MVP1962
Lawyer and co-founder of the Continental League, which ultimately brings an NL team (Mets) back to New York1962
First pitcher to be inducted in the HoF on the first ballot1962
First pitcher to win multiple Cy Young Awards1963; 1965-1966
Holds the Dodgers to the fewest runs scored in a World Series [team]1966
Director of the Players Association and pivotal to free agency movement1966-1982
This team's 'Impossible Dream' ends with a poor Game Seven outing1967
Steals 7 bases in consecutive World Series1967-1968
Last batting Triple Crown winner of the 20th Century1967
Astounding 1.12 ERA; partially responsible for rule changes that favor the hitter1968
Last pitcher to win 30 games in a season1968
Orioles manager who earns the fledgling team three straight pennants and a Series title1968-1986
Challenge to the reserve clause paves the way for free agency but prompts his early retirement1969
Breaks the single-game strikeout record by fanning 191969
Worst-to-first winners of the first postseason that included divisional play1969
Commissioner who modernizes baseball in terms of labor relations and advertising1969-1984
First player to be inducted in the HoF primarily as a Negro Leaguer1971
Puerto Rican legend dies in a plane crash1972

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