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Dodgers manager who led the team to four pennants and two championships1976-1996
Hits a walk-off homer in Game Five of the NLCS1985
Publishes 'The [Name] Baseball Historical Abstract' that helps spark a mathematical approach to baseball1985
Breaks the single-game strikeout record by fanning 201986
Infamously blunders an elementary play in Game Six of the World Series1986
Athletics manager leads his team to three consecutive pennants1986-1995
Sets the rookie home run record by hitting 491987
Pitches 59 consecutive scoreless innings1988
First member of the 40/40 club1988
Hits a walk-off Game One home run despite two crippled legs1988
Permanently banned following evidence of tax evasion and game betting1989
First to reach 5,000 strikeouts1989
First father/son pair on the same team1990
Forces a Game Seven with an extra inning home run in Game Six of the Series1991
First pitcher to have won 20 games and saved 50 games in a season1992
First to reach 1,000 stolen bases1992
Unofficially begins a two decade tenure as Commissioner1992
Hits the World Series' second ever walk-off home run1993
Strike-shortened season possibly robs him of a .400 season (ends with .394)1994
NL team with the best record in the strike-shortened season (74-40)1994
AL team with the best record in the strike-shortened season (70-43)1994

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