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Cardinals manager guides the team to three pennants in eight years2004-2011
Powerful agent known for negotiating enourmous contracts for free agents like Alex Rodirguez and Albert Pujols2004-present
Montreal Expos relocate in the States as this team2005
AL team wins the World Series after an 88-year drought2005
International baseball tournament; Japan takes the first championship2006
First woman inducted in the Hall of Fame; noted for her leadership in the Negro National League2006
Wins a record three batting titles as a catcher2006; 2008-2009
Breaks Hank Aaron's all-time home run record2007
Infamous publication accusing 89 players to have associations with performance-enchaning drugs2007
Earns a record 18th Gold Glove Award2008
Construction cost of $1.3 billion makes it the most expensive ballpark ever built2009
Most recent member of the 300 win club2009
Celebrates 60th year in the Dodgers broadcast booth, the longest single-team tenure for any announcer 2010
First infielder to reach 600 career home runs2010
Pitches a controversial ''near-perfect'' game, recording 28 outs2010
Second ever postseason no-hitter2010
Giants manager guides the team to two World Series titles after a 55-year drought2010, 2012
Sets the record for most career saves2011
Hits a two-out, two-strike triple in Game Six to tie the game and later ends it in the 11th with a walk-off home run2011
Achieves the highest single-season WAR for a player with rookie status2012
First batting Triple Crown winner of the 21st Century2012
Third player to reach 4,000 professional hits in highest level of play2013
First team to capture three World Series titles in the 21st Century2013
Finally wins its 82nd game after 20 years of finishing below .5002013

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