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Civil War general who mythically invented 'base ball'''1836''
Alleged New York town of baseball inception''1836''
Organized team whose rules most similarly resemble those of today1845
Established the above club and helped devise its rules1845
Sportswriter credited with inventing the modern box score1859
First publicly decreed professional ball club1869
Innovator who managed the previous answer1869
Arguably the first major league; organized by a charter1871
Lifelong NL Chicago player; first to 3,000 hits1871-1897
Workhorse pitcher; first to 300 wins1875-1892
Co-founded a thriving sporting goods company (also served as a baseball pitcher and executive) 1876
Held the home run record before Babe Ruth; first to 100 homers1880
Major League that posed first competition to the National League1882
Outlaw league that folded after one season due to extreme competitive imbalance1884
Winning team of the first postseason series1884
Won a record 59 games with the previous answer1884
Key figure (and player) in organizing baseball's first union1885
A result of the previous answer's efforts, this league sought to challenge the reserve clause1890
Best pitcher of the 19th Century (according to WAR)1890-1905
Pitching distance increased from 50' to 60'6' mostly due to this fireballer1894
Holds the highest single-season batting average (.440)1894
Team that finished the season with a 20-134 record (.130), the worst ever1899

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