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Braves manager who guides the team to five pennants and fourteen consecutive division titles1990-2010
Wins four consecutive Cy Young Awards along with three consecutive ERA titles 1992-1995
Japanse-born Dodgers pitcher debuts; often praised for paving the way for Japanese Leaguers1995
Reaches an unreachable star; plays his 2,131st consecutive game1995
Yankees manager who earns six pennants and three consecutive championships1996-2007
His number is retired across all of MLB1997
Introduction of the series that pit AL and NL teams against each other in the regular season1997
Hits a single in the bottom of the 11th in Game Seven to secure the Marlins' first championship 1997
Former AL team (since 1969) relocates to the NL1998
Despite Mark McGwire's record-breaking season, this slugger is named NL MVP1998
Most post-WWII single-season RBI (165)1999
Earns seventh World Series save, the most for any pitcher2000
Achieves lowest ever single-season WHIP (0.737)2000
GM whose ''moneyball'' tactics helped his low-payroll Athletics make consecutive postseason appearances 2000-2003
Team ties the record for most wins in a season (116)2001
Wins the World Series after four seasons in existence, making it the quickest expansion team to do so2001
Hits a Game Seven, walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th2001
Last pitcher to win three games in a World Series2001
Earns a record four consecutive MVP Awards (for a record total of seven)2001-2004
Converts a record 84 consecutive save opportunities2002-2004
His walk-off homer in the bottom of the 11th of ALCS Game Seven prolongs Red Sox playoff misery2003
Manager for the curse-reversing Red Sox2004
Hits three walk-off postseason hits for the Red Sox2004
Sets a new record for most single-season hits (262)2004

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