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QUIZ: Can you name the Answers with the word 'lady' in them?

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First lady to President Johnson
Guess her Poker Face
Kill them and you'll get bad luck
Disease or illness of the body
1984 Frank Sinatra album
Beyonce 2008 single (no pun intended)
Beautiful orchid
The Queen depends on her...
1979 Robert Conrad film concerning John Dillinger
Artist with hits like 'American Honey' and 'Need You Now'
Song made famous by Frank Sinatra; featured in Mrs. Doubtfire
Comedian Jerry Lewis famous greeting
1955 Alec Guinness film; remade in 2004
Sea woman in King Arthur legends
1987 Aerosmith song also in Mrs. Doubtfire
Nickname for Ellis Island's statue
Eddie Fisher's 1952 hit
Disney movie featuring spaghetti-eating dogs
A night where drinks are cheap for gals (often a magnet for middle-aged woman)
Long-standing women's magazine

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