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Can you name the players whose careers were eclipsed by the given player?

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Omar Vizquel (1989-2012)
First Base (1991-2005 Astros) 
Left Field (1993-2011 Red Sox/Indians) 
Right Field (1996-2011 Expos) 
Catcher (1993-2010 Astros) 
Shortstop (1996-2011 Cardinals) 
Nolan Ryan (1968-1993)
Third Base (1972-1989 Phillies) 
Left Field (1969-1986 Reds) 
Relief Pitcher (1979-1990 Royals) 
First Base (1969-1990 Dodgers/Cubs) 
Second Base (1970-1986 Angels) 
Jim Kaat (1959-1983)
Pitcher (1960-1975 Giants) 
Right Field (1968-1981 Giants) 
Third Base (1960-1974 Cubs) 
Pitcher (1963-1979 Tigers) 
Left Field (1961-1979 Cardinals) 
Early Wynn (1941-1963)
Right Field (1946-1955 Pirates) 
Pitcher (1946-1958 Indians) 
First Base (1947-1961 Reds) 
Pitcher (1949-1960 Dodgers) 
Shortstop (1942-1954 Red Sox) 
Eddie Collins (1906-1930)
Center Field (1910-1929 Pirates) 
Pitcher (1916-1928 Browns) 
Third Base (1908-1922 Athletics) 
First Base (1909-1927 Athletics) 
Left Field (1909-1927 Robins) 
Bobby Wallace (1894-1918)
Pitcher (1900-1916 Giants) 
Catcher (1897-1915 Giants) 
Shortstop (1902-1916 Cubs) 
Pitcher (1898-1910 Braves) 
Right Field (1899-1917 Tigers) 

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