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Can you name the Answers regarding Elaine Benes from 'Seinfeld'?

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Elaine's squinting, on-and-off boyfriend
Elaine's nemesis; heir to the Oh Henry! candybar fortune
Her gift to said nemesis
This politician goes to the same gym as Elaine and wants to meet her
Because of his third-person speech, Elaine is duped into a date with him
Elaine goes into the muffin business called...
A man she dates who insists on being called by his musical title
Mr. Lippman is her boss here
Gets in trouble for excessive use of this punctuation
Goes to a wedding in this country in the 'backwards episode'
A coworker once refers to Elaine using what incorrect name?
Gives co-worker Lou (aka 'The Sidler') these to know where he is at all times
Elaine uses this as an 'apartment' to receive Chinese food deliveries
Elaine is removed from a baseball game for wearing what team's cap?
Kramer fails Elaine when he allows this to be stolen by 'thugs'
Elaine breaks up with a mover over this controversial concept
Before going to bed with any man, he must be worthy of this
Elaine's dislike for this movie causes problems
When she tests positive for opium, Elaine asks this person for her urine sample

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