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Can you provide the answers to each question regarding 1930s America?

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Two-word term for the period of economic downturn throughout the 1930s
General name for the policies and programs FDR established to fight this economic downturn
This legendary criminal couple met a bloody end in an ambush in Louisiana
This singing and dancing child actor was the number one box office draw in the US from 1935 to 1938
With J. Edgar Hoover at the helm, this law enforcement agency began
'Oh, the humanity!'; this zeppelin exploded, killing 36 people
Term used to describe the period of extreme drought that plagued the US and Canadian prairies
In 1933, the twenty-first Amendment ended this nationwide ban on alcohol
This woman was the first in the US Cabinet, serving 12 years as Secretary of Labor starting in 1933
The decade began with many people living in these shanty towns named after the former president
Seeking new opportunities, many 'Okies' journeyed to California using this road
This 1939 John Steinbeck novel followed a family fleeing the plights of 1930s agricultural life
After releasing 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,' a golden age starts for this man's empire
People passed 'Go' for the first time when this property-themed board game reached stores
This Yankee and baseball legend delivered his 'Luckiest Man' speech in 1939
This NYC skyscraper was the tallest building in the world from its 1931 opening until 1970
FDR's Tennessee Valley Authority Act brought this 20th century 'luxury' to Southern states
This union began a sit-down strike against GM in Flint, Michigan that lasted 44 days and reached 35 cities
The first appearance of this superhero was in Action Comics #1
The first NCAA basketball Division I title was won by this western state's school

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