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Can you name the important American people and things in the 1920s?

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Nickname for the 1920s decade
All creation, sales, and transportations of this product were prohibited
Prohibition gave rise to criminal empires like this 'Scarface'
Southern African Americans begin composing this genre of music
Vice-president who took office following President Harding's death
Yankees sports star who personified the booming decade
Famous trial testing in the tiny town of Dayton creationism vs. evolution
Winner of the first Academy Award for Best Picture
Stock market crashes on Oct. 29th, better known as...
Pact calling for war to be used only as a tool in self-defense
After the film 'It,' this sex symbol actress gains fame as the 'It-girl.'
Charles Lindbergh completes the first solo transatlantic flight with this plane
Scandal in a Wyoming area regarding the Harding administration and oil companies
America sees a large resurrection in this supremacist group
Growing group of women who rejected sexual norms
F. Scott Fitzgerald's pessimistic novel on success in America
Warren Harding's campaign promise for 'going back to the way things were'
Illegal bars during the Prohibition
Heavyweight boxing champion who went on to own a Manhattan restaurant chain
Common product made at home due to Prohibition
Organization created for global peace regulation and supported by Woodrow Wilson; precursor to United Nations
Future 41st U.S. President is born

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