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Can you name the Answers regarding Cosmo Kramer from 'Seinfeld'?

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Kramer's medial alias 'Doctor...'
Kramer's mother
Kramer's mother's long time occupation
Kramer makes a figurine out of this with the reasoning that Jerry is 'silly...'
People Kramer suggests should pull his rickshaws
Making Kramer thirsty in a Woody Allen movie
Kramer's prized cock fighter
This person buys Kramer's stories for his autobiography
Calvin Klein steals this scent from Kramer
Kramer's best idea yet; shows it on live television, spitting coffee on the host
Coined name for Kramer's puffy shirt-creating girlfriend
Enjoys these products (and ends up setting fire to a log cabin)
Elaine once described him as, 'a tall, lanky doofus with a bird face and hair like...'
Expects a girl's bike from Elaine as payment for fixing her...
Kramer is forced to stop his mail due to this company's ceaseless catalogues
Finally gets a job when a 12-year strikes at this place
Punches out this baseball great
Kramer's much-mentioned friend whom we never see
Kramer is the first out of this because of a naked woman across the street
Seizures occur every time this person's voice is heard

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