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Can you name the embryological structures that Gallicano rattled off?

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Region deep in the oviduct where fertilization typically takes place
Hair-like projections reaching towards the ovary that allows an ovulated egg to enter the oviduct
Layer of granulosa cells surrounding secondary oocyte
Thicker layer of ECM surrounding the secondary oocyte
Process whereby sperm releases hydrolytic enzymes to break down the ECM of the corona radiata to get to the zone pellucida
Response to fusion of sperm with secondary oocyte in which cortical granules exocytose and release enzymes that cause calcium oscillations
Region between the zona pellucida and the secondary oocyte cell membrane where cortical granules are released during zona reaction
Stage of a developing embryo in which it is still a ball of undifferentiated cells that have begun flattening against each other
Stage of a developing embryo that has formed a blastocoel and whose cells have begun differentiating
Cells surrounding inner-cell mass cells in the blastocyst that give rise to the placenta
Ball of cells located within the trophoblast in the blastocyst that give rise to the embryo proper
Cells of the implanted trophoblast that invade mom's endometrial tissue

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