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True or False: PLC an PI-3K can be regulated by both GPCR's and RTK's.
All beta adrenergic receptors associate with this G-protein type.
GEF (guanine exchange factor) proteins enhance the dissociation of what molecule from Ras?
Cyclic AMP can be deactivated through cleavage carried out by which enzyme that is inhibited by caffeine?
Neuromuscular junctions exhibit which type of ACh receptor?
Increases in cytosolic levels of IP3 and DAG are associated with Gq activating which protein?
The defective oncogenic form of the EGF receptor is called:
Steroid hormones are able to diffuse through the lipid bilayer because they are:
True or False: RTK's produce cAMP as a second mesenger.
What activity of a G-protein does Cholera toxin disrupt?
Phosphorylation of glycogen phosphorylase kinase and glycogen phosphorylase will deactivate these two enzymes; what protein accomplishes this?
Which type of receptor would cause bronchial dilation after binding its ligand?
Vasoconstriction is accomplished through activation of _____ adrenergic receptors
Atrial Natriuretic Factor (ANF) binds to and activates this receptor.
In the RTK-Ras pathway, what protein acts as a GEF?
CAPK is a more descriptive term for which protein?
How many cAMP molecules are required to free PKA from its regulatory subunit complex?
Alpha 2 adrenergic receptors use which G-protein?
Where in the body can alpha adrenergic receptors be found?
Activated JAK proteins catalyze phosphorylation of receptors; phosphorylated tyrosine on such a receptor serves as a docking site for these proteins.
All of the following will have epinephrine binding to the Gs beta adrenergic receptors EXCEPT: liver, adipose, intestine, CNS, skeletal muscle.
Calcium inhibits which upstream enzyme by negative feedback?
Pertussis toxin affects the alpha subunit of Gi, preventing it from releasing which compound?
Leptin receptors use the ________ pathway for downstream signaling.
True or False: there is normally a tonic, or basal, level of second messengers present in the cytosol.
Myristoylphorbol acetate is a tumor promotor because it enhances cell growth and proliferation through activation of which compound?
In the smooth muscle of the heart or blood vessels, cytosolic guanylyl cyclase is activated by this compound.
The appropriate term for an attractive older man who, despite his age, is desired by younger women.
The specificity of a STAT protein is determined in its _____________ domain.
PKA is a protein kinase that phosphorylates at which residues?
Alpha 1 adrenergic receptors use which G-protein?
Phosphorylation of the Gs receptor by PKA causes which compound to bind and sequester it further?
GRB2is one protein of a pair that links RTK to Ras; what is the other?
The first line of defense against viral inefections involves this system.
What is the precursor of both IP3 and DAG called?
In a patient with Cholera toxin, what compound is being constitutively produced?
What molecule closely associates with cytosolic guanylyl cyclase?
The huge number of glucose molecules, for example, that are liberated by a single molecule of insulin upstream in the pathway is an example of what?
Membrane-bound guanylyl cyclase is activated by either guanylin or this compound.
What is the ultimate precursor for epinephrine?
Which type of receptor would cause heart rate to increase?

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