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This Cytokine stimulates migration of dendritic cells to lymph nodes and leads to initiation of adaptive immune response.
Can be used instead of bone marrow in HSC transplant due to fewer immune problems due to the immaturity of the stem cells
While kidney transplants require a high similiarity matching, this organ does not because it has low HLA expression and is more resistant to rejection
Competition for nutrients/receptors, production of antagonists, and stimulation of cross-protective antibodies is a function of this type of innate immune system.
In addition to being deleted in the thymus/bone marrow, the auto-reactive cells that do escape are typically sequestered in the brain, retina and
IL-12 and this interferon produce Helper T cell 1.
Type of recognition that occurs when a male donates a graft to a female leading to Y-specific peptides being recognized as foreign
This granulocyte is involved in Type 1 (immediate) hypersensitivity reactions
In order for a TCR to bind to its ligand (MHC/peptide) it needs assistance from other molecules like CD 4 or CD 8 and this.
Variable gene sequence in TCR is similar to Ig genes except there is none of this in TCRs.
Typical Myeloid cells include granulocytes, macrophages and this extremely potent Antigen Presenting Cell.
Transplant from a genetically different person of the same species (ie a family member)
Type of antibody that will fit into the groove on another antibody
Occurs when a patient already has pre-existing antibodies for a graft and can occur within 24 hours from transplant
This molecule is responsible for keeping MHC class II molecules from binding antigen peptides in the Endoplasmic Reticulum.
strain of mice will have decreased MHC variation leading to a decreased immune system
Flagella, gylcolipids, mannose, and double stranded DNA are all examples of these, which bind to patter-recognition receptors.
The ability of a substance to react specifically with an antibody or TCR (eg products of immune response) is known as what?
These leukocytes release cytokines (IL-12, IFN-gamma, and TNF-alpha) that active macrophages and other cells that are involved in delayed type hypersensitivity.
Which dose (low/high) will favor Th2 activation leading to antibody production and allergic reaction
These are present in secondary lymphoid organs and are not present in primary lymphoid organs and are essential to lymphocyte maturation.
Expressed after T-cell activation and has a very high affinity for the B7 receptor
What type of immunity deals with antigenic specificity, diversity, self regulation and immunologic memory?
Penicillin, Urushiol and Hydralazine are all examples of these.
These immunogens bind to MHC molecules forming a bridge with the variable region of TCR-beta and are potent activators of T-cells without regard to specificity for antigen/MHC comp

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