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Rank the following terms regarding DNA compactification in order of INCREASING size: 30 nm fiber, beads-on-a-string, chromatid, coil, loop, rosette.
The sections of DNA that are spliced together during mRNA processing are exons/introns, are of constant/variable length, and are more/less abundant than the excised sections
Nucleic acid is synthesized in the _'-to-_' directionUse numerals
These are the basic components of any nucleosideAlphabetical order
If one strand of DNA in a particular region has high guanine content, its complementary strand has high ______ content, a higher/lower denaturing temperaturePart X: look for Part Y for second part of this question
The middles of chromosomes are:
The SPECIFIC nitrogenous bases which are single-ringed are:Alphabetical order
Two things that can be used to denature DNA are ____ and ____
Changes in DNA linking number are catalyzed by enzymes called ____________ in an ATP-dependent/independent process
These are the basic components of any nucleotideAlphabetical order
Choose one from each set: A-DNA is left/right-handed, is more/less relaxed than B DNA, and does/does not interconvert readily with B-DNA
Genes are sections of a ______ that code for a specific ______
The class of single-ringed nitrogenous bases are the:
Continuation of Part A: these changes do/do not include DNA methylation, and do/do not include transposon jumpingPart B: look for Part A for first part of this question
ClueAnswerSpecial instructions
Nucleic acid is read in the _'-to-_' directionUse numerals
The ends of chromosomes are:
Continuation of Part X: The aforementioned DNA would have tighter/looser base-pair covalent/hydrogen interactions.Part Y: look for Part X for first part of this question
In 'beads-on-a-string', each individual bead is called a ________, and consists of DNA wrapped around proteins called ______, which have been highly/poorly conserved in evolution
If a DNA sequence can fold in at its midpoint and bind to itself, it is a:
Out of the three DNA forms discussed in class, the 'special' one is _____; it is left/right-handed
If the left and right sections of a DNA sequence are reflections of one another, the sequence is a:
These are the two sugars found in nucleic acids:
The class of two-ringed nitrogenous bases are the:
This topological feature of DNA is due to steric strain, and contributes the energy used to do compact packing
The linkages between consecutive monomers in the nucleic acid's backbone are:
Inherited changes in gene expression that are NOT due to changes in the underlying DNA sequence are collectively referred to as _______, and do/do not include base-pair deletionsPart A: look for Part B for second part of this question
The SPECIFIC nitrogenous bases which are double-ringed are:Alphabetical order
The sections of DNA that are removed during mRNA processing are exons/introns, and are of constant/variable length

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