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QUIZ: Can you name the Name the SCTV Characters?

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John Candy
One of the hosts of 'Farm Film Blowup' 
Owner of Mellonville's X-Rated Book and Video store 
Mayor of Mellonville 
Film Producer, loves crane shots 
Star of 3-D House of Pancakes, and Stewardesses 
Host of the Fishin Mucisian 
Incompetent Talk Show Side-kick 
Dave Thomas
Very angry critic 
Non-PC host of 'Doorway to Hell', 
Joe Flaherty
One of the hosts of 'Farm Film Blowup' 
Knee-slapping talk show host 
Sometimes drunk news anchor and reporter 
Wheelchair using (but not needing) Owner of SCTV 
Host of 'Monster Chiller Horror Theater' 
Eugene Levy
Comic. 'How are Ya?!' 
Incompetent news anchor and reporter 
'San Fransiskee? Did you drive or did you flew?' 
Host of 'Money Talks' 
Host of the 'Rock Pile' 
SCTV Security Guard 
Catherine O'Hara
'I wanna bear your children!' 
Raunchy Nightclub Comedianne 
Buzzer-happy Game Show Contestant 
Martin Short
Albino Vegas Headliner 
He's quite mental, I must say. 
'Give me a 'C', a bouncy 'C'! 
Talk show host with very poorly researched facts. 
Andrea Martin
Animal-print wearing station manager 
English-challenged cleaning woman 
Host of 'Tiny Town' 
Rick Moranis
Video Deejay and all-around technophile 
Multiple Cast Members
Owners of the Organ Emporium 
Leutonian Polka Duo 
Hosts of 'The Great White North' 
Sweater-wearing 50's style vocal group 

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