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ClueName in the songSong
Go with him . . .Name in Song Title 1
He dances the waltzName in Song Title 2
The [Name] will all be thereName in Song Title 2
Late of [Name] FairName in Song Title 2
Being for his benefit, there will be a showName in Song Title 2
Alright [Name]! (Yelled before solo)Boys
Went tiger hunting with an elephant gunName in Song Title 3
Zapped him right between the eyes. .Name in Song Title 3
He got [Name] sideboardCome Together
Wont you come out to play?Name in Song Title 4
Like the BBC. . .[3 Names]Dig It
Like the BBC. . .[3 Names]Dig It
That was Can You Dig it, by [Name]Dig It
Like the BBC. . .[3 Names]Dig It
You make me dizzyName in Song Title 5
Ring my friend, I said you'd call. . .Name in Song Title 6
Buried along with her nameName in Song Title 7
Wrote a sermon no one will hearName in Song Title 7
spoken: [Name] got nothin on this. . .For You Blue
spoken: Go, [Name] Go. . .For You Blue
Thought he was a loner. . .Get Back
Thought she was a woman. . .Get Back
Trying to make ends meet, yeah. . .Glass Onion
The Walrus was [Name]Glass Onion
Hey [Name]Name in Song Title 8
Spoken: Ah, Rock on [Name]Honey Don't
Spoken: with [Name] one timeHoney Don't
ClueName in the songSong
You should have seen them kicking him.I Am the Walrus
Climbing up the . . .I Am the Walrus
See how they fly like . . .I Am the Walrus
He was such a stupid get. . .I'm So Tired
Seashell eyes, windy smileName in Song Title 9
Children at her feet.Name in Song Title 10
When I find myself in times of trouble. . .Let it Be
She's long and tallName in Song Title 11
Gunna tell [Name] about [Name]Name in Song Title 11
Gunna tell [Name] about [Name]Name in Song Title 11
In a cap, she looked much olderName in Song Title 12
A girl with kalidascope eyes.Name in Song Title 13
They have taken her awayName in Song Title 14
You silly girlName in Song Title 15
She was quizzicalName in Song Title 16
Screaming from the galleryName in Song Title 16
Screaming from the galleryName in Song Title 16
Majoring in medicineName in Song Title 16
Keeps a ten-bob note up his nose.Name in Song Title 17
She never stops, she's a go-getterName in Song Title 17
I love you, I love you, I love youName in Song Title 18
has a barrow in the marketplace. . .Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da
is the singer in a band. . .Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da
oh [Name] boy, the (garbled) is calling. . .One After 909
Nursery rhyme name (sung in the background)Paperback Writer
Based on his novelPaperback Writer
You could say she was attractively built.Name in Song Title 19
ClueName in the songSong
you aint gunna make it with anyone anyhowRevolution
She and her man,who calls himself [Name]Name in Song Title 20
He was hot, drew first and shotName in Song Title 20
Went back to his room, only to find. . .Name in Song Title 20
But she called herself [Name]Name in Song Title 20
her name was [Name]Name in Song Title 20
Everyone knew her as [Name]Name in Song Title 20
From the black mountain hills of DakotaName in Song Title 20
Roll over. . .Name in Song Title 21
Tell him the newsName in Song Title 21
She made a fool of everyone.Name in Song Title 22
He wants you all to sing alongName in Song Title 23
He taught the band to playName in Song Title 23
We hope you have enjoyed the showName in Song Title 24
Taxman, Mr [Name]Taxman
Taxman, Mr [Name]Taxman
He knows it aint easyName in Song Title 25
Called to say, you can make it okName in Song Title 25
Grandchildren on their knee…When I'm 64
Grandchildren on their knee…When I'm 64
Grandchildren on their knee…When I'm 64
Feel so suicidal, just like [Name]'s [Name]Yer Blues
Feel so suicidal, just like [Name]'s [Name]Yer Blues
Welcome to Slaggers, featuring [Name]You Know My Name (Look Up My Number)
spoken:Come on [Name], let's hear it for. .You Know My Name (Look Up My Number)

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