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Can you name the Correct Harry Potter characters in this extreme name chain?

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 Undesirable no.1
 Killed by Wormtail on Voldemort's orders
 Later dates Harry
 Cat lover
 Meets Harry in the Leaky Couldron during the Prisoner of Azkaban Book
 Pompous brother
 Gringotts curse-breaker
 The only female triwizard champion
 Who's pet is called Arnold
 Supports West Ham United
 Is a retired auror
 Mother died in Azkaban pretending to be him
 Percy Weasley looks up to him
 Durmstrang headmaster
 Favourite move is the wronski feint
 Mispronounced 'Hermy' and 'Hermy-own-ninny
 The worst werewolf
 Teaches Harry cast a patronus
 Padfoot - the dog star
Clue leading on from previous answerCharacterBonus clue
 Killed by inferi
 Dislikes mudbloods and blood traitors
 Kills Sirius
 Makes an unbreakable vow in the half-blood prince
 Put in Azkaban after the battle of the department of mysteries
 NOT in the top 200
 Harry's enemy
 Used to be a death eater
 Nee Evans
 Nosy neighbour
 Letter shredder
 The dead one
 Snape cursed his ear off
 A Gryffindor seeker
 We know little about her
 Cursed by a necklace
 In his first game he took a bludger to the head two minutes in
 Plays brutally
 Father is a death eater
 Does not appear in Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part two
 The only Slytherin in the slug club
Clue leading on from previous answerCharacterBonus clue
 Told Tom Riddle about horcruxes
 Choked on a pheasant
 Ate a pound of doxy eggs for a bet
 Greatest achievement is ending up on a chocolate frog card
 Foreign twin
 Ron's girlfriend
 Goes to the Yule ball with Harry
 Predicts the death of a student each year
 Has a pet plant
 Believes in Crumple Horned Snorkacks
 Editor of the Quibbler
 An illegal animagus
 Has many dangerous pets
 Head of Beauxbatons
 ... Percival Wulfric Brian ...
 His patronus is a goat
 Seen practising magic by a gang of muggles, then became a dan
 Dumbledore's love interest
 I am Lord Voldemort
 The boy who lived...

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