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Can you name the characters who say each quote from Kid Icarus: Uprising chapter 1?

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The power of flight is my gift to you. I'll control your route so you can focus on battle. But I can only maintain this power for five minutes at a time.
Eh, you worry too much!
Then so are we!
Sorry to keep you waiting!
Do you hear that? Do you hear the people's cheers? They're celebrating the return of the goddess Palutena!
Wow, talk about options! It's like an all-you-can-hurt buffet!
Use the stylus to target enemies with the green reticle. It's much easier to hit enemies when you've fixed your sight on them.
Eh, it's a piece of cake!
You're here to help the townsfolk, so wipe out as many monsters as you can.
Use the Touch Screen to change direction and the Circle Pad to move.
I can't believe I'm actually flying!
I'm on it!
Resurrected. Yes.
Despite the Underworld invasion, the people haven't lost hope. It's our duty to protect them. Prepare for land battle, Pit.
Use the Circle Pad to move in any direction. Proceed down the alley.
Good! Looks like you've got the hang of things.
Huh. Like spinning a globe.
Try eliminating nearby enemies with melee attacks. You'll switch between melee and ranged shots automatically.
Yeah! Victory is mine!
We can chat later, Pit. But now it's time to fight! The Underworld Army's invading!
Hello there, Pit. And you too, Palutena. Here to crash my homecoming party?
It's been too long, Lady Palutena!
Though the goddess of darkness was defeated long ago, she's back now. And as the goddess of light, it's my duty to protect humanity from her.
If these are Underworld troops, are you saying Medusa's been...
They're moving their attack to the ground!
After that, your wings will burn up, and you'll fall.
Try circling left or right as you attack. Keep your aim focused on the enemy.
When you're not firing, you'll go into a glide that makes it easier to dodge attacks. Holding your fire also builds up charged shots. Aim carefully, and use them wisely.
...! Now they're attacking the town? This isn't right!
Good luck out there, Pit!
Old Pit's gonna teach you some new tricks! Now play dead!
Use the L Button to fire. You can target enemies with the stylus.
You have no idea how embarrassing it is to be an angel who can't fly on his own. So thanks for your help. Without you, I'd be finished!
What better way to celebrate my return than with a festive little bloodbath? After all, I have been gone for 25 years.
Listen well, Medusa! Your days of darkness are numbered. Prepare to meet the light!
An Intensity gate. To pass through these, you need to play at certain Intensity, or difficulty, levels.
Your destination should be coming into view now.
If you're in a tight spot, flick the Circle Pad to dash. I also recommend dashing and shooting at the same time. Change dash directions and charge your shot for different effects.
Wh-what was that?
Flick the stylus left or right to change direction quickly.
Whatever it's called, just stay out of his way.
I'll stack up the melee attacks to serve up a combo meal of pain!
The people need your help. I'd better get you over there.
Let's return for now. This was just our first step in defeating Medusa.
The Underworld's faithful watchdog.
Good, good.
How are things looking to you? You can adjust the feeling of depth using the 3D slider on the right.
First things first. Try turning left, Pit.
Hm? What's this?
Flick left or right on the lower screen to turn quickly in that direction. Give it a try. Easy, right?
Whoa! You weren't kidding!
Medusa has unleashed an evil beast in the coliseum! You need to hurry there!
That's called strafing, right?
A yellow reticle means that you have an item. Pressing the L Button will use that item.
Uh... This really doesn't look like much of a party...
Excellent job, Pit!

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