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Can you name the characters who say each quote from Kid Icarus: Uprising chapter 2?

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His defeat will force the Underworld Army into retreat.
Pit, behind you!
Huh? Pie? Where? No, I mean... I'm here to defend the humans from the brutality of the Underworld Army.
What?! Seriously?!
You're heading to the lower level of the interior garden.
I take it back. This guy's a jerk.
You having a private conversation with yourself, angel face?
Normally I'd agree with you, but...
Lady Palutena...what do you think?
So you'd better not be thinking about anything...naughty.
Magnus only knows one way to fight: ferociously. Perhaps his fire is fueled by the child he lost to Underworld troops.
Are you excited?
Ahhh... Now that's what I'm taking about!
Gaol was a human? I-I didn't know... What have I done...
Ugh. This weather's nasty.
Uh... No, no, no! I'm just really happy I can fly.
All right, then. Resuming mission Dark Lord Suppression!
My wings...burn up?
I'll follow your lead from here. I've got your back.
What, do your legs not work or something?
I guess you wouldn't be an angel if you didn't do things by the book.
I think we're closing in on Gaol's lair.
Dark lord suppressed!
I'm Magnus, by the way. Pleased to meet you. Don't hit me, and we'll get along just fine.
At the top of the stairs, there's a door with switches across from it.
If there's a treasure box, I open it! I can't help it!
From the heavens, I can see through your laurel crown to divine your surroundings.
...I'm sorry it had to come to this.
I'm sensing treasure somewhere to your left.
Sure you were.
They were part of the same band of monster-fighting mercenaries. But Gaol's heart was weak, and he couldn't resist the temptation of the Underworld.
If you don't watch out, we'll be having barbecued angel tonight. And though spicy angel wings sound tasty, I'd best get you out of there.
OK, we'll see how long you survive with that strategy!
That's funny. Business is booming for me. We're even hiring more staff!
We're done talking about this.
Wait, you two know each other?
Don't make me laugh, 'dark lord'! Now put on some pants, and fight like a man!
So what are we talking here? Miniboss? ...Final boss? Well, whatever. I hope this dark lord's hungry for a hot plate of punishment!
And remember what happens when it runs out?
Switches, huh? That probably means I should hit them!
I think you should help him.
It's so typical of you to pawn off your work on someone else.
Sorry I'm late. I had other business to attend to.
What I meant to say is that I'm eternally grateful for your help.
Yes, but your next mission can't wait. You must defeat Dark Lord Gaol.
... Oh... Heh heh... That's really...something.
Yeah...and I don't want to steam the sacred buns.
He's earned it. He's working for Medusa. Her forces are coming from HIS castle. A human army has gone to fight him, but they don't stand a chance.
Look at that!
So I suggest using melee attacks or dash shots to take them down.
How in the world would the human army make it across these mountains by foot?
It's fun, right?
Do I detect a note of smugness in your voice?
What have you got to lose? It'll be easier on both of us.
Ahhhh! Much better!
That's clearly a trap. Think about it. Who would leave treasure just lying around outside?
He must really want that reward.
Feeling a little agitated, Magnus?
Where else would it be coming from?
Yes, especially for a human.
How do you know that?
This must be the great hall.
Seeing them fighting, it's hard to believe they were ever friends.
How did a human make it into the castle?
Oh, right. Sorry about that. I'm Pit, servant of the goddess Palutena. I'm here to defeat Dark Lord Gaol.
And we're off!
Oh, I thought you might want to take in the sights. And destroy some monsters.
So, what you're saying is we need a brave hero to face the dark lord?
Hey, enough chitchat! We need to concentrate here!
He may not be made of the sturdiest moral fiber, but that's fine with me.
Plus...chicken is much more economical!
What?! How did you—?!
Hmph. I almost feel sorry for the two of you. But not quite. I'll rip this angel to shreds first. Then I'll take care of you.
You go in fully dressed? Don't you at least want to change into a...swimming tunic or something?
Prepare for defeat, Dark Lord Gaol!
Sure, sure, you're the angel here. But me, I'm in it for the reward money. Since we both want to take down Gaol, how about we work together?
Aw, Palutena's little messenger boy. And Magnus, it's always a pleasure.
Just kidding. Seriously, reading hearts through laurel crowns?
So you're here for a slice of the pie too?
You can't feel bad. Just think of all the other people you've saved. Besides, she looks like she's still holding on.
Hey, if you're chatting with your precious goddess, give her a message from me. Tell her she's been sleeping on the job! My world is on the edge of collapse!
The people will never defeat Gaol with the Underworld forces in their way.
Hey! In this economy, everyone's looking for work. Even part time work.
Well, I didn't expect to see an angel here. Hope this doesn't mean I've kicked the bucket.
It's not the most cheerful place, is it?
It looks like a long way up.
Whoaaaa! G-force in my faaace!
What is it?!
Do you remember how long the power of flight lasts?
Really? That's amazing!
Augh! Is this lightning coming from the Underworld Army?
Magnus sure is strong.
Huh, are these the new hires?
He makes a compelling argument.
Make your way to the great hall down on the first floor.
Ugh... You and your mouth.
The door's unlocked now. The enemy with the big skull guarding the door is a Ganewmede. They'll attack when fired at, but they don't do much at all if you don't shoot them.
So this is the dark lord's castle.
Yeah. It's like a birthday party where everyone wants to kill me.
I'll control your flight path so you don't run into anything. Just focus on shooting and dodging.
Dark Lord Gaol's castle is up ahead.
I don't know much about the situation... But it seems that Magnus and Gaol used to be close friends.
The Underworld baddies seem to like it.
You still have to watch out for fire from Underworld troops. Let's get you headed toward land.
Don't worry. I'll help you over.
We don't have time to assist the people. We have to go straight for Gaol. I'll take you into the castle. From there, it's up to you to face the dark lord.
Oh, no no no! The angel's code of conduct says that we must always be ready for duty.
Heh. 'Dark lord'? Seriously? Hasn't the dark-lord thing been done to death already?
Sorry... I guess that was pretty obvious.
Got it!
Wait, is this...? Ha! It is! A hot spring!
Very...perceptive of you, Pit.
He's taking on the Underworld Army himself...and surviving! Are you sure this guy is really a human?
I hope you're ready.
Yes, he must've scrambled to build it after Medusa's resurrection. He's using this castle as a stronghold for Underworld monsters. Monsters designed to wreak havoc and sow sadness.
Nice work, angel face!
Yeah! A treasure box!
I suppose it makes sense they'd feel at home underground.
And that's not all I can see, Pit. I can also see what's in your heart.
Let me at 'em!
It'd be like living in a basement.
Let's make our way underground.
What is wrong with you?!
I'm surprised you feel that way.
I had no idea. That's so sad...
I suppose it IS an old story. But don't forget this is the Underworld Army we're dealing with. And anybody with the title 'dark lord' won't be some low-level minion.
The humans are taking a beating! They need our help!
I don't know about that...
Yeah! Take that, wall!
Apparently, someone likes his spa time.
I know... I was...also kidding.
But...but what about that wall?!
Angels shouldn't gloat, Pit.
Why did we stop?
That's kinda cold, but it makes sense. I guess.
Roger! Get ready for a display of raw angel power!
But we need to regroup. The war against Medusa is just starting.
Humans are driven by desire. It's convenient to know what bait they'll chase.

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