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Can you name the characters who say each quote from the chapter The Mace?

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Forced Order
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Don’t worry, you’ll see green flares soon enough.
So we try a pincer move. Split up. Ulan, down through the trenches. Rudinsky, provide sniper fire from those bushes up there. I’ll take Novak and go around the side.
What happened to the Canuck?
Up the hill, Bohater!
Keep fighting! Down the Mace!
Well they’ve certainly earned that, at least.
Don’t stop! Keep moving!
Retreat up the hill!
Bohater! We’re heading up the Mace to give cover to the Canadians! Let’s go!
Pushing in from the west!
They’re advancing! Fall back!
Ulan, radio in: We need the Canadians!
Bohater! Get in the tank!
Entering from the west!
I will live. Keep moving across the hill!
The Canadians sent a radio operator. He’s on the north ridge.
Make every shot count.
You’re running away from bullets, not job.
I’m not a coward! I’m not leaving my post!
We’re in trouble!
The tanks are getting away!
Tanks advancing!
But that gun has us pinned down.
We must get out of here and form up with Papa Jack!
Less talking, more fighting! Get to the tanks!
Moving in from the north!
Go with this Canuck.
I’m sorry we got here a little late.
Over by the dirt road!
I have to call in the artillery strikes! Bohater! Form up on me!
Your post is about to be shot all to pieces!
Look at the base of the hill!
We’re running out of ammo here!
Get that tank.
Move to the other bunker!
We will not lose this hill!
Baron. Leslie Baron.
A tank has broken through the western line!
Bohater, back up Ulan or Lucky.
Work your way up past the gate!
I’m not running anywhere. I’m not afraid!
Private Leslie Baron. Canadian 4th armored reporting for - -
They’re overrunning the trenches!
Here is our situation: We need to fortify the western flank because the Bosch are starting to break through.
Don’t move! Baron, you stay out there it’s suicide!
They’ve reached the base of the hill!
Come on take them out!
Taking the mace is one thing, now, now we have to hold it.
Hold! Hold this ground!
Tank to the west.
Reinforcements! Keep holding!
They’re overrunning the trenches!
Dropped Him!
They got Papa Jack, too!
Rudinsky! Lucky!
I thought I saw your squad up at the manor house...
We need artillery fire on those tanks!
Stupid Canuck! He’s dead, Bohater! But I think I can salvage his radio. Cover me!
Where are the green flares?
The Germans are right behind me.
Kowalski! Kowalski! The swina killed him!
Incoming! Take cover!
Up the hill, Bohater!
That’s a kill!
They’re taking out our tanks.
Everybody in the trench!
Look! Look! The Canadians are breaking through!
Radio. We need artillery strikes now. Bohater, you go with...
Up the hill, Bohater!
The Bosch? That’s not likely, not while they still have a way out.
Into the trenches! Go!
That’s it. They’re running. We did it. We did it!
Fall back to the secondary position!
Baron! Take cover!
I’ll get help! Stay!
He’s dead, Ulan. We will be too if we don’t fall back!
Let’s get out of here!
Radio works? Use it.
The Canadians!
Get to the other bunker!
What difference does it make?
Fall back!
Tank to the south.
Target that tank.
Keep the tanks from the base!
Use this. You’re a sniper now, eh?
We’ve no more support!
Let them have it!
The Canucks were to use green flares to signal their approach so we would - -
Coming in from the north!
We must get out of this place!
Look at it, boys...
Head to the aid station!
Up the hill!
This close, we’ll end up like Baron!
Radio’s gone!
We need artillery! Ulan! Spot targets with Bohater!
That being?
So Canuck, where are the rest of your comrades?
Bohater! Form up on me!
Bohater! Spot targets for the guns!
My job’s to call in artillery strikes! I’m not running away from it!
Green flares! Green flares!
Hold the line until reinforcements arrive!
The dead ones. I don’t want to see them buried here. I want to take them home.
Aim for the Bosch running up the hill.
It’s not the Canadians!
Commander Jaccowicz... are you alright?
I’ll be home soon. They will surrender soon.
Hold this position ‘til he gets back!
Nailed him!
I want time to gather my men.
Focus on that tank.

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