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Can you name the characters who say each quote from the chapter The Forest?

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Forced Order
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Alright Guzzo, radio Command. Area’s clear.
Take out that mortar over there!
The depot’s probably off the main road, thatway...
Depot to the north!
I thought the French’d already cleared this area.
Keep popping smoke for cover!
Nichols. Plant charges.
Smoke grenades!
Use the smoke as cover to get across the road!
And a piss-poor job they did of it, too. The forest is still lousy with mines and barricades. 2nd Batallion can’t move in ‘til it’s clear.
Damn Germans took out my whole squad!
Storage depot should be up ahead!
You got it Sarge.
Rest of the forest’s clear, too, Dix.
I’m getting real tired of that mouth of yours, Guzzo. The Sarge may’ve put up with it, but I won’t. You reading me?
How the hell we supposed to do that?
We gotta get across this road.
Across the road! Towards those trenches!
Damn right. But the boys Batallion sent in haven’t been heard from in two days.
Good job private!
Guzzo, Nichols, you’re with me.
Check it out. Friendlies.
Take two men and flank our advance. We’re headed up that way.
You had that one comin’ Guzzo.
No, find the other depot!
It’s Private Krupin. He’s one of them engineers that went missing.
Move up to cover!
Nichols, blow the ammo crates.
We’ll take care of it. Huxley, take two guys and scout on ahead.
Nichols! We need more charges here.
Almost at the storage debot!
I didn’t want the promotion. Not this way, anyhow.
You’re gonna be alright, soldier.
Copy that, Dix. I mean Sarge.
Smoke! Smoke! Keep popping smoke!
Dix! We got a live one here!
Yeah. I got you. Sarge.
Got a perfectly good mortar here not bein’ put to use.
Pop some smoke!
Let’s keep it “Dix”, okay?
What happened, Krupin?
Creep up.
Barricade’s clear!
Nice work, Nichols!
Nice and quiet.
Almost in position, boys.
Look sharp. Kraut O.P. over that ridge.
Dix! We got a live one here!
Take out that mortar!
Jerry. We found a whole bunch of them in - - ungh - - like a storage depot. The Frenchies must’ve missed ‘em.
Is this the same Command who told us the area was already clear?
Move up to the storage depot!
We take out that barricade, we’re sitting pretty.
We need to find the other depot!
Big surprise there.
Wouldn’t that be more of a job for the engineers?

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