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Can you name the countries with Call of Duty maps located in them?

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Map NameCountryGame
AftermathBlack Ops II
CargoBlack Ops II
DroneBlack Ops II
ExpressBlack Ops II
MeltdownBlack Ops II
Overflow Black Ops II
RaidBlack Ops II
SlumsBlack Ops II
StandoffBlack Ops II
TurbineBlack Ops II
YemenBlack Ops II
ArkadenModern Warfare III
BakaaraModern Warfare III
BootlegModern Warfare III
CarbonModern Warfare III
DownturnModern Warfare III
FallenModern Warfare III
HardhatModern Warfare III
Interchange Modern Warfare III
LockdownModern Warfare III
MissionModern Warfare III
OutpostModern Warfare III
ResistanceModern Warfare III
SeatownModern Warfare III
UndergroundModern Warfare III
VillageModern Warfare III
ArrayBlack Ops
SummitBlack Ops
RadiationBlack Ops
JungleBlack Ops
NuketownBlack Ops
CrackedBlack Ops
HavanaBlack Ops
CrisisBlack Ops
GridBlack Ops
HanoiBlack Ops
LaunchBlack Ops
VillaBlack Ops
Map NameCountryGame
WMDBlack Ops
Estate Modern Warfare II
DerailModern Warfare II
InvasionModern Warfare II
RustModern Warfare II
TerminalModern Warfare II
AfghanModern Warfare II
FavelaModern Warfare II
WastelandModern Warfare II
KarachiModern Warfare II
QuarryModern Warfare II
RundownModern Warfare II
SkidrowModern Warfare II
ScrapyardModern Warfare II
Sub BaseModern Warfare II
UnderpassModern Warfare II
HighriseModern Warfare II
AirfieldWorld at War
AsylumWorld at War
Castle World at War
CliffsideWorld at War
CourtyardWorld At War
DomeWorld at War
DownfallWorld at War
HangarWorld at War
MakinWorld at War
OutskirtsWorld at War
SeelowWorld at War
AmbushModern Warfare
BlocModern Warfare
BogModern Warfare
CountdownModern Warfare
CrashModern Warfare
CrossfireModern Warfare
DownpourModern Warfare
OvergrownModern Warfare
PipelineModern Warfare
ShipmentModern Warfare
Map NameCountryGame
ShowdownModern Warfare
VacantModern Warfare
ArgentanCall of Duty III
ChampsCall of Duty III
Eder DamCall of Duty III
Fuel PlantCall of Duty III
Les OrmesCall of Duty III
MayenneCall of Duty III
PoissonCall of Duty III
RouenCall of Duty III
VerdunCall of Duty III
BizerteCall of Duty II: Big Red One
CassinoCall of Duty II: Big Red One
GelaCall of Duty II: Big Red One
TroinaCall of Duty II: Big Red One
BeltotCall of Duty II
BrecourtCall of Duty II
BurgundyCall of Duty II
CarentanCall of Duty II
El AlameinCall of Duty II
LeningradCall of Duty II
MatmataCall of Duty II
MoscowCall of Duty II
Sainte-Mère-ÉgliseCall of Duty II
Stalingrad (Railyard)Call of Duty II
ToujaneCall of Duty II
BocageCall of Duty
BrecourtCall of Duty
CarentanCall of Duty
ChateauCall of Duty
HarborCall of Duty
HurtgenCall of Duty
NeuvilleCall of Duty
PavlovCall of Duty
POW CampCall of Duty
RailyardCall of Duty
StalingradCall of Duty

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