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Forced Order
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QuestionAnswerEpisode / Hint
Who is the actor that voices Spongebob?All
What is the first ever episode called?**** ******
Who is angry in the episode 'The Paper' ?The Paper
Who makes (answer 3) nice in 'Dying for Pie'?Dying for Pie
Where does (answer 4) find tons of money?******** ************
Who is the owner of the Secret Box?The Secret Box
Who is (answer 6's) big Sister?Big Sister ***
Mr Krabs buys a '_____ _____'Conning Machine.....
Which Episode sees Spongebob and Patrick travel back in time?Think Medieval Times...
Who is fit and NOT fat?!Episodes such as 'Ripped Pants' (Answer Snappily!)
Which episode came before 'Idiot Box'?Horrible Burger!
(Answer 5) appears in which episode?******** ************ (As seen earlier)

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