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What was the name of Holly's joke replacement in Series 2?Work Suckers!
What did the Cat break in a series 1 episode?My ...... My ....., I think I broke my .....!
Name the captain of Red Dwarf (Pre-Drive Plate)?A nibble here and a nibble there and we're flying backwards!
In Marooned, what important possession of Rimmers does Lister burn for heat?Your Guitar was made of........ .... too!.
Name Kryten's Replacement in 'The Last Day'Kryten why are you not dead?... Want any help?
What were the soldiers made of in Meltdown?Ah, Mr Noel Coward Sir...... WHO?!.
What is Lister forced to eat in Demon's and Angels?They have a few legs!
What talking machinery annoys Lister with offers that he doesn't want?How about a muffin?!
What invention makes Lister temporarily rich in Timeslides?But you paint it.... RED!
Roughly what does Holly's IQ rise to in White Hole?She goes bald too!
What does Legion give Rimmer?He turns Blue!
What was the Frozen Supply Ships Name in Epideme?Talking Virus's Ship!
What does the Cat call the Stasis Leak?Well why didnt you say!
Name Ace Rimmers choice Breakfast...Ill be back for Breakfast... What a guy!
Who Directed Series 1-4 of Red Dwarf?Cya!
What was the 3 part finale to Red Dwarf called in 2009?It's about time they returned home!
Which year did Red Dwarf first air?I was 8!
Name the Green Exploration Vessel the crew use?In many episodes
Name the Blue Exploration Vessel the crew use?Not as commonly seen
Name Doug Naylor's Co Writer?You either know or you dont
What does Kryten shoot from his guns to end the virus in 'Gunmen of the Apocalypse'?Birds...
What does the Bumper sticker on the Blue Spacecraft from Q19?Not a porsche or ferrari....
Name the craft that Kryten is rescued from?Name + Number
What does DNA stand for? (Hehe)One for all you real smarties!

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