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Can you name the PHYSICAL factors making tectonic activity hazardous!?

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LetterPhysical FactorDescription
Ais it easy to get to? can you effectively coordinate response? Is there **** in the way making obstacles?
Athe bigger the area the hazard event has the capacity to cover - the worse the impact will be.
Dshallow = closer to the ground = intensified ground shaking
Dwhere does the hazard usually occur? is an area at risk? it is on a plate boundary? Hotspot?
Dthe longer it lasts, perhaps the bigger the impact.
Fhow tectonically active is this freakin' region?
GRock type... Soft rocks (i.e clay and bedrock) prone to liquefaction.
Hprone to more than one kind of hazard OR situated over a mantle plume...
LetterPhysical FactorDescription
Lwhere is it situated? why might this make it hazardous? E.g is it on a plate boundary?
Mbigger = more danger
Sthe quicker a hazard occurs, the more likely there is to be a disaster.. prep time needed.
Swhats the coastal situation? shape? natural buffers? How big is the wave?
TConvergent (destructive = most hazardous)... Fissure? Shield? Dome? Caldera? Composite? Ash-cinder?
Thow has the shape of the land made this hazardous? Hills? flat coast? etc
Whow does the weather put a country in deeper ****?

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