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King that ordered the execution of William WallaceHistory
Russian leader in WWIIHistory
Full name of the UKGeography
What country is Timbuktu in?Geography
Last englishman to get a hat-trick in football (soccer) against Germany as of Jan. 2015Sport
Only team to beat New York Giants in a SuperbowlSport
Main character in Final Fantasy VIIEntertainment
The name that Mark Calaway is better known asEntertainment
Actor who played Det.Butters in Lethal Weapon 4Entertainment
Lead singer of Red Hot Chilli PeppersEntertainment
Author of the Discworld NovelsLiterature
Author of Lord of the RingsLiterature
The correct spelling of antidisestablishmentarianismJust for fun
In Norse mythology whose horse is Sleipnir?Miscellaneous
Greek god of the underworldMiscellaneous

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