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Here we go again, 15 questions and 5 minutes let's see how you do!

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Inventor of the light bulbHistory
Year of the first computerHistory
Year of the first Personal ComputerHistory
Inventor of the TelephoneHistory
Year George Washington became the first President of the United StatesHistory
Driest Non-Polar Desert on EarthGeography
Capital of BelarusGeography
The only planet in our solar system not named after a godScience
Strongest muscle in the human body based on its weightScience
Which Dwarf Planet in our solar system was discovered in 1930Science
Star of Cast Away (2000)Entertainment
Female star of Premonition (2007)Entertainment
Year of Charles Darwin's The Origin of SpeciesLiterature
Author of 'Of Mice and Men'Literature
Most distributed magazine in the world as of January 2018 with a circulation of nearly 70,000,000 per issueLiterature

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