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QuestionDeadly Animal
Which bloodsucking African fly transmits sleeping sickness through it's bite, the latter illness accounting for thousands of deaths each year?
Which big cat is the fastest land animal?
Which strong and powerful reptile has 80 teeth, is dangerous and lives on land and in water?
Which snake is known for not just biting venom, but for spitting it distances up to 2 metres, which would instantly blind a victim?
Which ambitious bird of prey is known for gripping prey with it's powerful talons, and known for attacking anything from dogs and humans to goats and snakes?
Which unusual aquatic animal uses an electric shock, of up to 600 volts, to stun other animals?
Which shark has reportedly attacked more humans than any other and is known for being (argubly) the most dangerous on Earth?
Which spider is known to have a venomous sting to toxic it can kill a human in one bite and is known for the distinctive red on its back?
QuestionDeadly Animal
Which Asian moniter lizard is the largest and argubly most dangerous, as it's bite yields around 50 different fatal bacteria?
Which sea creature, closely related to the shark, has a sharp spine with which it can cause serious physical injury, as well as inflict a harmful dose of venom?
Which black, nocturnal, Australian marsupial is the largest meat-eating of it's kind that scavanges dead or dying prey with notoriously sharp and powerful jaws?
Which snake is the longest on Earth, known to reach 33ft long, and a constrictor snake?
Which multi-coloured rainforest-dwelling amphibian is the most poisonous on Earth, as only drip of it's poison can kill 100 or more vermin?
Which big cat family species includes Leopards and Jaguars, and tackles it's prey by ambushing it?
Which fish, found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, uses it's crushing, powerful jaws to eat shells, crabs, sharks and rays, and is known to attack humans?

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