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Can you name the facts about Saudi Arabia?

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Official Name
Flag Color
Flag Color
Heir to the Throne (Crown Prince)
National Anthem
Unification of the Kingdom (National Holiday)
Capital City
Islamic Holy City
Islamic Holy City
Great Uniter of Arabs, Founder of State
Major Economic Export
Second Largest City
Creed Upon Flag
Primary Peninsula
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Highest Point
Lowest Point
Official State Religion
Nationality (Demonym)
Official Language
Primary Continent
Drives On the...
Age of Suffrage (Male Only)
Bordering Sea
Bordering Sea
Bordering Gulf
Bordering Gulf
Most Popular Sport
Internet Country Code
Legendary Prophet, Founder of Islam
Women's Rights Group
'Official' Constitution, Book of Islam
Historic Rival Country
Controversial Criminal Punishment Method
Largest Desert
Number of Provinces
Largest Province
Main Form of Islam, State Sponsored
Oldest Institution of Higher Learning
Central Mosque of Islam in Mecca
Central Mosque of Islam in Medina
Focal Point of Islam, Holiest Islamic Site

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