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Can you name the English words whose meanings relate to words?

Quiz Updated Oct 19, 2016

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A word that has a similar meaning of another word'Nasty' (as it relates to 'gross')
A word whose name is the sound of the word'Buzz'
A word or phrase that does not repeat any letters'Botany'
A word formed by the first letters of the phrase that it represents'Laser'
A word formed by mixing other words, whose meanings relate to the word'Telethon'
A word whose meaning denotes it as a part of another word's meaning'Nose' (as it relates to 'face')
A symbol that represents a written and spoken word'&'
A word with the same spelling, but different pronunciation and meaning of another word'Present'
A word that is used in a language other than its language of origin'Tsunami'
A word with the same spelling and pronunciation of another word, but has a different meaning'Bark'
A word whose meaning depends on whether or not it is capitalized'Polish'
A newly invented word or phrase'Sporcling'
A word or phrase that reads the same forwards and backwards'Racecar'
A word or phrase that is a rearrangement of the letters of another word or phrase'Married' (as it relates to 'admirer')
A word that is the adapted form of an older term'Classical music'
A word that has an opposite meaning of another word'Hot' (as it relates to 'cold')
A word with the same pronunciation but different meaning of another word'Hour' (as it relates to 'our')
A word whose meaning denotes it as the whole that another word is part of'Face' (as it relates to 'nose')

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