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Can you name these tropes from TV Tropes, from the description from each trope's Laconic page?

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A genuinely nice and usually likable villain
Information only shared in supplemental material
A hero that lacks the proper traits of a hero
Minimum three items: start strong, continue strong, finish weak
The ultimate villain of the story, who's causing the problem the heroes must solve
A dramatic rescue by the heroes
Its true significance to the plot isn't clear until later in the story
A bizarre weirdo living in their own little world
Humorous and funny repetition for the sake of comedy and humor
A miracle that saves the heroes at the last minute
Incomprehensible monster defined by its unnaturalness
Fan theories, on acid
Good guy goes bad.
Less clothing = more viewers. Alternatively, any overtly sexy or titillating character that takes part in sexy scenes, or the scene itself
Everything is subconsciously about sex.
A character is aware of genre conventions like the one they are participating in
Creator shrugs off plot-hole or mistake with minimal explanation.
Bad guy turns good.
Keep the plot going by making someone do something uncharacteristically stupid
He's a jerk most of the time, but he can be nice when he feels like it
Pointing out the Elephant in the Living Room; something irrational, repetitive, or unlikely within the story, to strengthen the audience's Willing Suspension of Disbelief
In love, two's company; three's a crowd
A plot device which nobody actually uses, and whose nature and identity are basically irrelevant
Too symbolic to make sense
An act that puts its perpetrator beyond any chance of redemption.
Smart enough to act dumb
Something is so absurd, offensive, and over-the-top that it's unreal
History gets rewritten for the sake of the plot
Changes to a series' status quo will be undone, no matter how little sense it makes
A really, really, REALLY subtle pun
When the name of a work is spoken in-universe in a particularly epic fashion
When a trope actually does happen in Real Life
Go one step beyond the previous maximum
The author personally sets the record straight
Any predictable outcome leads to a victory of some sort for the planner

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