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What element has the lowest boiling point?
What do we call a liquid that has been heated to a temperature beyond its boiling point?
What oceanic plate sits west of the South American plate, forming a convergent boundary?
What moon of Saturn was shown by the Cassini space-craft to be spewing a watery, gassy plume from its geothermally heated south pole?
What is the term for the liquid, consisting of precipitation and waste decomposition, that has been filtered through a landfill?
Although not known as such at the time, what was the first form of spectacular electric discharge seen by humans?
The lengths of two sides of a triangle are 30 centimeters and 35 centimeters, respectively. Between what values, in centimeters, must the length of the third side lie?
What do we call the transfer of a property of the atmosphere, such as heat, cold, or humidity, by the horizontal movement of an air mass?
If four numbers have an arithmetic mean of 20, and three of the numbers are 17, 18, and 19, what is the fourth number?
What is the name for the lowermost 12 to 18 kilometers of Earth’s atmosphere?
An isosceles triangle has a base of 30 feet and height of 15 feet. In feet, how far apart are the legs 10 feet above the base?
What are the three metals that generally comprise ferromagnetic materials?
What is the scientific term for a change in velocity per unit time?
What geologic features of Io are responsible for loading Jupiter’s atmosphere with heavy ionized particles?
What term BEST describes 2 angles with 90º as the sum of their measurements?
Amebocytes from Limulus organisms are currently used in the medical field to test for the presence of what substances?
In plants, water molecules are generally protected from water loss to the outside environment by what lipid-based structure covering the epidermis?
Bacterial transduction is primarily caused by the transference of what specific biological substance?
In a chemical reaction, what is the term that describes the time required for a reactant to reach half its original concentration?
What is the SI unit given to a volt per ampere?
What general term BEST describes the use of electrical current to cause a normally non-spontaneous reaction to occur?
What is the most common term used in genetics to describe the observable physical characteristics of an organism caused by the expression of a gene or set of genes?

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