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Can you name the numbers that represent the amount of these various things?

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Forced Order
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How Many...Answer
Quarts in a Gallon
Stripes on the U.S. Flag
Letters in the English Alphabet
Home Runs hit by Hank Aaron
Days in Hannukah
Pokemon from Generation I
Former Soviet Republics
Districts of Panem
Standard Lightswitch Settings
Wives of King Henry VIII
Animated Films in Disney Canon
States of Mexico
Albums by The Beatles
Schools in Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament
Named Moons of Jupiter
Circles of Hell in Dante's 'Inferno'
Degrees in a Circle
Amino Acids in Human Proteins
Children of Homer Simpson
Games in The Legend of Zelda Canon
How Many...Answer
Human Chromosomes
Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
Squares on a Chessboard
Golden Tickets from Willy Wonka
Declaration of Independence Signees
Oscars won by Katharine Hepburn
Countries that Border India
Candles on a Menorah
Labors of Hercules
World Series won by the Yankees
Strings on a Cello
Episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series
Teams in the NFL
Books in the New Testament
Emmies won by Modern Family for Best Comedy
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Days in Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries Marriage
Days in a Fortnight
Complete Novels by Edgar Allan Poe
Protons in a Uranium Atom

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