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Can you name the numbers that represent the amount of these various things?

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How Many...Answer
Minutes in an Hour
States in the U.S.
Days in a Year
Teams in the FIFA World Cup
Stars in the Big Dipper
Planets in the Solar System
Schools in the Ivy League
Presidents of France
AC/DC Studio Albums
Episodes of 'Friends'
States of Brazil
Super Bowls won by the Steelers
Countries Bordering China
Official Languages of Spain
Books in the Old Testament
Teams in the English Premier League
Elements on the Periodic Table
Teams in Major League Baseball
Quark Flavors
Days in December
How Many...Answer
Members of the U.N.
Harry Potter Books
Schools in the Big Ten
James Bond Movies
Official Languages of Peru
Teams in the Bundesliga
Monopoly Properties
Books in 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'
Dwarves in 'Snow White'
Noble Gases
Official Languages in the European Union
Boroughs of New York
(Ceremonial) Counties of England
Players Listed in the Mitchell Report
Men who have Walked on the Moon
World Series won by the Mariners
Countries beginning with Y
States of India
Nobel Prize Categories
U.S. Federal Holidays

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