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Hint'Hard' Term
Fast Food sibling chain of Carl's Jr.
Television program that featured Cowboys in 2008, and Bengals in 2009
Series of mysteries written by Franklin W. Dixon
29th President of the United States
Music-themed restaurant chain with spannig 126 cities in 36 countries.
Beatles song created for sound track for of a 1964 movie with same name
West coast of Norway, it is the third largest fjord in the world
Musician appeared on the first day of Woodstock
1980's television program centered around a retired L.A. judge and a car theft/race car driver
Seventh Aerosmith studio album, and the only one not to feature Joe Perry
Hint'Hard' Term
Charles Dickens novel published in 1854
Movie series that began with own name in 1988. Three sequels have been made
1991 comedy film featuring Michael J. Fox
______ with Chris Matthews, a MSNBC talk show
Former NBA Player. Named to four All-Star Games and three All-NBA Teams. Retired with Heat in 2007
Confection made by boiling sugar and corn syrup, also name of a Madonna album
Mohs Scale measures this property of minerals
Name of 1998 R-rated film and a Bob Dylan album featuring the song 'Maggie's Farm.'
Common name for the spiraea douglasii, a shrub found in the pacific northwest
MLB pitcher born in Canada who has played for the A's and Cubs, and is currently a free agent

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