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Can you name the places described that are fictional lands of legend?

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Home kingdom of the Hylians protected by the Triforce. It is destined to be saved by a boy in green
Magical place home of fairies and mermaids that children run to as they wish to never grow up
School in England that functions to train magic to young wizards and witches. Its students are grouped into houses such as Gryffindor and Hufflepuff
Town that was almost robbed of Christmas by a green humanoid thing and whose citizens once befriended a big-eared elephant
Dark region shielded by mountains that is the homeland of Sauron. One does not simply just walk into it
Habital desert planet that orbits a binary star system. It is the home world of Luke and Anakin Skywalker
Weird, dream-like country home to Munchkin Country and talking scarecrows and tinmen
Magical land home to amazing creatures such as fauns and giants. Aslan is a revered figure
Colorful kingdom that is the home of Toads and some Yoshis. The blonde princess is always getting kidnapped by Bowser
Island in the Atlantic Ocean that is perfect in every way possible
Major metropolitan area that is the home of Wayne Enterprises and superhero dressed in a bat-like outfit
Largest western continent bordered by the Summer Sea and Narrow Sea; also referred to as The Seven Kingdoms
Peninsula stumbled upon by Lemuel Gulliver that is occupied by giants
Monarchy ruled by King Harold that was once stomped on by a gigantic gingerbread man. It has a Hollywood-esque sign
A red-colored planet home to an eponymous race, a race in which Spock belongs
An Earth-like, gas giant moon with intelligent life such as the Na'vi, a blue-skinned people
Fabled continent on the planet of Nirn divided into several regions including Morrowind and Skyrim
Major world superpower created by George Orwell that controls much of the world: the Pacific region, both Americas, and southern Africa
Land dominated by the Hadarac Deset and Beor Mountains that is the home of the legendary dragon Saphira and her master Eragon
An imaginary land in Virginia and the brainchild of two teenagers Jesse Aarons and Leslie Burke
Long-gone planet that was the home of Superman

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