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Can you name the famous astronomers and physicists who have contributed to our knowledge of the universe?

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Devised the Heliocentric Theory, which stated that the Sun was at the center of the universe rather than Earth
Developed three laws of planetary motion, which describe how celestial bodies orbit around one another
Contributed advances to the telescope; discovered the four major moons of Jupter; advocated the Heliocentric Theory
Observed and explained the nature of Saturn's rings; discovered Titan
Discovered a gap in Saturn's rings; discovered four Saturnian moons; developed three laws concerning the orbit of the Moon
Credited with the development of calculus, Law of Universal Gravitation, and three eponymous laws of motion
First to calculate the orbit of a comet and predict it's return to the inner solar system
Discovered Uranus in 1781; discovered two moons of Saturn and Uranus each; coined the term 'asteroid'
Discovered Neptune in 1846
Revolutionized physics with his theory of relativity, introducing the concepts of spacetime, mass-energy equivalence, time dilation, and that nothing can travel faster than light
Was the first man to propose that the universe was expanding. Also proposed the 'hypothesis of the primeval atom,' which would develop into the Big Bang Theory
Verified the existence of other galaxies beyond the Milky Way, and that these galaxies moving away have a redshift
Pioneered the study of supernovae, confirmed their existence, discovered 120 supernovae in his lifetime. Also one of the first people to postulate the existence of dark matter
By calculating the motion of stars in the galaxy, provided evidence for dark matter's existence. Also hypothesized a region of the solar system where comets originate
Discovered Pluto in 1930
Contributed various insights in regards to the solar system, and possible alien life; acted as a science popularizer; 'Pale Blue Dot'
Battling ALS, drastically changed our view of black holes in that they emit radiation; author of 'A Brief History of Time'
Discovered numerous trans-Neptunian objects, such as Haumea, Makemake, and Eris; dubbed 'The man that killed Pluto.'

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