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Can you name the answers related to notable events that happened on the date of December 25th?

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800: This Frank is coronated as emporer of the Holy Roman Empire
1000: Saint Stephen I becomes the first king of this European kingdom
1066: This famous 'conqueror' becomes the king of England
1642: This physicist, mathematician, and theologian is born in Lincolnshire, England
1643: A well-named island is discovered by William Mynors
1776: This man leads his army across the Delaware River to Trenton amidst the American Revolutionary War
1826: The Eggnog Riot occuries in this upstate New York city
1896: This inventor and engineer, who is the namesake of a prestigious American university, dies
1932: A 7.6 magnitude earthquake devastates Gansu Province in this country
1942: Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and fullback for the 1972 Miami Dolphins is born
1945: During World War II, the Battle of Hong Kong ends this country's occupation of Hong Kong
1947: December 25th marks Constitution Day for this country as it's constitution goes into effect
1974: A man named Marshall Fields drives a vehicle into this bulding's lawn
1974: Cyclone Tracy makes landfall in this country
1990: CERN launches this, a system of linked hypertexts accessed via the Internet
1991: This man resigns as the president of the Soviet Union
2003: The ESA's Martian space probe mysteriously disappears before it's scheduled landing
2004: The Cassini probe releases Hugyens, which would successfully land on this important moon

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