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HintWord# of Letters
*Formula for table salt*4
Object hit with a hammer4
Icy precipitation4
To cause pain3
Weatherman Roker2
Mother of Loki3
Postal abbreviation of Canada's easternmost province2
*Symbol for a silvery-white metal*2
Lois' husband in the comic strip2
*Symbol for element number 2*2
Female chicken3
Attila was one3
Brownish-gray color3
Wind-carved mountain of sand4
A melody4
London Underground nickname4
*Structure of pyrite*4
White ball in pool3
To inquire into3
A metal cylinder3
Indefinite article for vowel sounds2
*Symbol for element 49, named after a bluish color*2
HintWord# of Letters
*Element number 50*3
Opposite of yang3
Japanese currency3
Form of Buddhism3
Type of grape used for wine3
*A metallic metal*4
A corporation3
State where Michael Jordan played college basketball (abbreviation)2
*Symbol for transition metal with fewest protons*2
To a great extent2
Male offspring3
Physically supported by a surface2
A long time3
*A noble gas*4
Unwelcome person: persona ___ grata3
*A charged particle*3
*Transition metal with 26 protons*4
Jeff Bridges sci-fi movie4
Harry Potter's friend3
Smallest of a litter4
*Ferric oxide*4
*Layer of earth that is 47% Silicon and 28% Oxygen*5

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