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Can you name the Most Interesting Places in the Space-Time Continuum, according to mental_floss Magazine?

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HintPlaceExtra Hint
The World's Most Inconvenient Destination Wedding Spot A Really Big Mountain in Asia
Sometime Around 1.8 Million Years AgoThanks to this, we Have Heat and Light on Campouts
This Magician Would Use a Saw to Break FreeThe Orchestra Would Drown out any Noise
The Prettiest Slums of Tomorrow in BrazilThe Christ the Redeemer Statue May Get Some Competition in this City
A Garbage Heap that's out of this WorldContains Junk From Apollo 15,16, and 17
Town With a Population of OneThe Only Resident is the Mayor, Bartender, and Librarian
Before They got Nobels and Oscars, these Two Guys threw What at HarvardIt's a Good Thing What They Were Throwing Didn't Impale Anybody
Sometime in 1st Century CE, which started Cataract SurgeryBecause a Blind Barn Animal Scratched its Eye on a Thorn
Anybody want spray-on solar power paint...That's the Power of this Home Repair Store
or how about liquid glass?That's the Power of this Home Repair Store
The Oracle of OmahaHis Favorite Holding Period is Forever
Monuments for Eurasian GangstersThey Have Epitaphs Such as 'Expert in the use of Knives
This Hotel Looks like the Death Star Giving You the Evil Eye!It Will be Right Along the Caspian Sea in this Azerbaijan Capital City
Very Windy and dark natural disaster, with lots of feathers, and the occasional cowDue to the Low Pressure, There's Lots of Water
Coldest Place on Earth (-128 Degrees F)It's a Russian Station in Antarctica
The Most Alien Environment on EarthSubglacial Lake Beneath Number 15, Similar to Europa
The Hottest Place on Earth (159 Degrees F)It's a Remote Desert in Iran
Civilization in MesopotamiaNo, not the one with Hammurabi. Before that.
The First Time the Internet was Used for GoodClick on a Button and Money is Given to Charity!
The First Time the Internet was Used for EvilThis Band of Teenage Hackers Poked around Los Alamos
What happened at Fort Appomattox in 1865Where Two Genethe Final Moments of the Civil War/Final Moments of the Civil War/End of Civil War/Civil War/Robert rals Stroke a Deal, Ending a Bloody War
A Bunch of Junk the Size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean100 Tons of garbage floating between Hawaii and Japan
Jules Verne was Wrong! Hope You Like Molten Iron and 12,000 Degree Temperatures if you go Here!
The Day the Prophecy Came True in the DesertCreated This Aztec Capital, or This Mexican Capital
Bunker for Pentagon Members In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Pennsylvania
HintPlaceExtra Hint
The Supreme Court's Doomsday Shelter Under Mount Weather, VAShares it name with a NC College that Shares Its name with the town it is in
Congress' Bunker Beneath the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.
After the Big BangNegatively Charged Protons and Positively Charged Electrons!
NYC Hotel Where America's Ghosts Got Talent.You Can See the Ghosts of Sid Vicious or Dylan Thomas!
1600 Pennsylvania AvenueThe Obamas Have Some Spirited Company Here.
LA Hotel Where the Spirit of Marilyn Monroe is Believed to be.
Country Bordering Indonesia Where it's hard to pick up the language 3.5 Million People, 869 Languages.
1940's, When a Machine for TV was madeNow People Laugh on Cue While Watching Comedies...Haha
One Volcano, one Roman Empire City, lots of chaos.Poor Herculaneum. It was Destroyed too in 79 CE.
An Island Within an Island Within and Islandlocated in isle RoYAle natioNal park
A 'Great' Russian Empress' Ice Roller Coaster Wonderland.She is Modled after Peter the Great
'No Country for Old Men' and 'There Will Be Blood' Were shot hereFamed Minimalist Donald Judd Moved Here
Red Liquid Gushing out of Taylor GlacierThe Microbes in the Water Turn in Red When Exposed to Sunlight
DC Landmark that Will Have Every Tweet on Twitter Don't Worry. The Books Will Still Be There.
A Collapsed Star that can Even Suck in LightThe Gravitational Pull Distorts Space and Time
Windy Islands between Madagascar and Antarctica Where the Wingless Insects Are
1810-Finally, we can preserve food in a container.Now, how do we open it? Anybody have an axe?
You had to go to ther grocer's to use oneOriginally, they were too big and expensive
William Lyman made it in 1870 Ending 60 years of Canned Frusturation
You can have your own farm...and see the Empire State Building out your Window!
When a meteor hit the Yucatan Peninsula 65 million years agoKilling These Giant Reptiles
The Playground Made from Old Tires in TokyoMeans 'Tire Park' In Japanese
Colorado Defense Station that can Withstand Nuclear AttackToday looks for Drug Trafficers and Terrorists, not Communists
Scientits Estimate This Event Will Happen 5 billion years from nowWhen the Sun Becomes a Red Giant
Guess Who'll be a Planet Again When this Happens?The Ice on This Dwarf Planet Will Melt!

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